Suspect Charged In Failed ATMHeist

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PITTSBORO, N.C. - (09/27/04) -- One suspect was arrested and two arebeing sought in botched attempt to steal a State Employees CY ATMhere two weeks ago, which ended with three abandoned vehicles andthe ATM intact, lying at the side of the road. John Powell, 36, ofApex, was charged with felony breaking and entering and felonylarceny for busting in to an ATM kiosk, then tying a chain aroundthe machine and dragging it off its moorings. The thieves abandonedtheir efforts when the alarm sounded, then fled from police, onlyto run their getaway car into a nearby pond. The getaway car, aswell as a stolen pickup truck and stolen front-end loader used topull the machine from the kiosk, were all abandoned during theincident. Police have also issued warrants for two other suspectsthey believe were involved in the foiled robbery.

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