Suspects Wrongly Charged For CUHeist

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LUBBOCK, Texas - (02/06/06) – Two young men who were arrestedby a local SWAT team that smashed the windows of their cars anddented the vehicles in the process, were set free Friday afterspending two nights in jail for suspicion of robbing Plains BellFCU the previous week. The two, Dale Imhoff, 21 and his friend,Jeremy Yost, 20, apparently fit the description of the armed creditunion robbers and had even come into $14,000–the same amountstolen from the credit union-- from a recent settlement of a carcrash case, police said. But the two were cleared after taking liedetector tests and after police check what turned out to beairtight alibis. Lubbock police told the men the city of Lubbockwould cover the cost to repair their vehicles and the cost ofimpound.

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