Teen Sentenced In Credit UnionStand-off

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COLUMBUS, Ind. - (01/19/06) – An 18-year-old male who held 20people at gunpoint at Centra CU last July was sentenced to sixyears in prison Wednesday. Police said Galen Kroger staged theassault not to rob the credit union but to provoke police intokilling him. Three psychologists who examined Kroger said the teensuffered from depression. Kroger stormed the credit union around 3pm wearing a bandana mask and armed with a rifle, but never askedfor money during a three-hour negotiation with police, after whichhe let go of all the captives. The stand-off ended when Kroger ranout of the credit union around 6 pm and police launched aflash-and-bang device next to him, knocking him to theground.

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