Teller Pleads Guilty In Theft From PoliceCredit Union

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BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - (08/18/04) A former teller has pleaded guilty toher role in the theft of $67,000 from the Bridgeport Police FCU.Thirty-two-year-old Maritza Zapata and her boyfriend, 24-year-oldAngel Maldonado, were charged with bank larceny and conspiracy tocommit bank larceny. Zaapata worked for BFCU as a teller and haspleaded guilty to conspiracy. Zapata had originally entered anot-guilty plea. According to local reports, Zapata confessed togiving the key to the building, alarm codes and the combination tothe vault to Maldonado. Zapata faces up to five years in prison anda fine. Maldonado has pleaded innocent, and his trial is set tobegin Sept. 2. Authorities believe the money was spent on cars,jewelry and Maldonado's legal expenses

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