Texas Shared Centers Overhauls Website

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Texas Credit Union Shared Services Center (TCUSC) has overhauled its website with what it says is a "cleaner, crisper image." Brian McCue, TCUSC director of business development, said the goal of the redesigned site is to be more user friendly with fewer clicks to obtain desired information. The new www.tcusc.coop will have three sections, with the first two sections going live this week and the third section soon after.

The website will feature a section for Credit Union Members, which will include quick search links for all metro areas, an integrated outlet search tool, Shared Branching FAQ for members and TCUSC information. There also will be a section dedicated to credit unions interested in joining shared branching which will feature: an overview of shared branching, CEO testimonials, a detailed FAQ, TCUSC staff page, and request a quote form.

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