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Diversity Projects Get CU Backing

DES MOINES, Iowa-John Deere Community CU said it has awarded a total of $25,000 in small grants to seven local non-profit organizations promoting community diversity.

The grants, ranging in size from $1,000 to $10,000, went to: Family YMCA of Black Hawk County, Quota International of Waterloo, United Sisters of Black Hawk County, Sturgis Youth Theatre, Cedar Valley Diversity Appreciation Team, National Alliance for the Mentally ill of Black Hawk County and Rotary Club of Des Moines.

The credit union has awarded about $100,000 in diversity grants since 1999.

SECU Unveils Scholarship Fund

RALEIGH, N.C.-State Employees CU said its new foundation has established a scholarship program to assist students in each of 58 community colleges in the North Carolina Community College System.

The 116 two-year scholarships are valued at up to $5,000 each and represent a financial commitment on the part of the SECU foundation of $580,000 and is believed to be the largest scholarship program ever offered by a credit union.

Funding for the Foundation scholarships has come from SECU's members, whose $1 per month maintenance fee paid on SECU's checking account is being routed to the foundation.

Museum Honors CU Sponsor

KANSAS CITY, Mo.-Aviation buffs can sit in the first flight simulator used by Trans World Airlines in 1943, or enjoy the traditional uniforms worn by the defunct airline's flight attendants, at the new TWA Museum-courtesy of Community America CU.

Community America, the airlines' credit union until TWA's demise three years ago, was among those sponsoring the new museum opened last week at the KCI Expo Center in downtown Kansas City.

The credit union provided a $10,000 grant to get the museum off the ground, while the expo center provided the space for the exhibit.

CommunityAmerica CU was chartered in 1940 to serve employees of TWA and has since branched out to serve over 150 select groups and various communities, including the entire state of Kansas.

Two Charged With ATM Plot

MONTEREY, Calif.-Two men believed to be responsible for a rash of area ATM robberies were arrested last week and charged with the attempted burglary of the Monterey CU ATM.

The suspects, identified as Duane Metcalfe, 31, and Jeremy Davis, 31, were observed by police going to the credit union earlier in separate cars earlier in the day and were seen near the ATM when the sounds of a circular saw were heard moments later.

Police believe the two men accessed the rear of the credit union building, then began crawling underneath the building until they reached the ATM.

They then left a circular saw and chainsaw behind, which they planned to use to break into the ATM later on when they were to return to complete the job. Video cameras nears the machine were either disabled or moved to hide the attempted break-in.

Suspects Bagged In ATM Mugging

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-Two men were arrested less than an hour after they allegedly forced a Jax CU member at gunpoint to withdraw $500 from a credit union ATM, then tried to force her into a car.

The member was resisting the kidnapping when a witness approached and the suspects fled.

The suspects, identified as Muhammad Barrett, 21, and a 17-year male, were arrested at an intersection about a mile from the ATM based on a description from the victim. The victim's money was returned to her by police.

Sponsor Seeks Separate CU HQ

GREENSBURG, Pa.-Allegheny Energy has asked local officials for a zoning change for a three-acre plot it owns here to allow its employees' credit union, Allegheny Energy FCU, to build a new headquarters office.

The proposal would allow the credit union to have its own stand-alone offices, separate from its main corporate sponsor. Officials with the corporate sponsor said the company needs more space at its offices here now that sponsor has moved its corporate headquarters here from Hagerstown, Md.

The proposed zoning change, from general residential district to neighborhood shopping district, will allow the $60 million credit union to build a 5,482 square-foot office.

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