The Five Key Steps Employed By 1 CU In Recruiting SEGs, Members

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"Under promise and over deliver." That's a motto that has helped Baxter Credit Union succeed in recruiting and retaining select employee groups (SEGs).

"BCU signed up many well-known, national companies as SEGs in 2003, totaling more than 20,000 potential members for the year.'' said Eileen Cherry-Clark, business development manager. "2004 will be a very busy and productive year indeed for BCU."

Cherry-Clark will join a dozen industry experts who will address The Credit Union Journal's 5th Annual SEG & Business Development Conference, and will discuss the steps Baxter Credit Union takes to get perspective SEGs to open their doors. The conference will be held at Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Fla. March 4 and 5.

Cherry-Clark, who started as a call center representative in 1997, but quickly rose through the ranks, earning numerous sales awards-Top Loan Producer for 1999, Million-Dollar Club, and Outstanding Service Excellence of the Year Award-believes that being well-prepared is key.

She will discuss five key steps she uses to pursue and ultimately represent targeted SEGs.

* Develop a plan that includes guidelines on selecting potential SEGs. Who will you target? What marketing collateral is available? Is there a budget? Are there incentives, resources and senior management support? And, what sources will you use to obtain prospects?

* Prepare yourself. Before you approach, investigate the company via its website and any other means. Find out if they are even accessible.

* Connect. Set up an appointment, plan presentation, and tailor marketing collateral.

* Ask questions. Is your contact the decision maker? What is the company's level of interest? What concerns do they have? Do they have a timeframe in mind? Listen and respond.

* Follow up. Ask for the sale. Send a "thank you" card and a goodie basket for the office.

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