The Meter Expires On ‘GetawayTaxi’

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. - (05/22/06) – An armed robbery at Campus USAFCU was foiled last Thursday after the taxi cab the would-be thiefused as a getaway car helped police track down the culprit. Thesuspect, identified as Sacoya Everts, allegedly enterered thecredit union around 9 am and handed the teller a note indicating abomb had been left in a nearby trash can and demanding money, thenmade her escape in a cab she had arrived in just minutes before.Police tracked her down after witnesses identified the waitinggetaway taxi and arrested her even as their colleagues were stilldusting for fingerprints at the credit union. The suspect was foundat her home hiding in a closet underneath a pile of clothes. Amajority of the loot was recovered at the scene.

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