The Plain, Old Stuffer Can Still Offer Grand Results

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Whatever the marketing skill level of your credit union, there are certain "unforgivable" marketing errors that sometimes plague even the largest and most sophisticated, as well as the tiniest, credit unions. Those errors are found in omissions, not taking advantage of simple, cheap and effective marketing opportunities.

And, the most efficient and flexible opportunity is the lowly statement stuffer.

Maximizing the use of the statement stuffer is a "must do" for every CU.

* No statement cycle should ever go out without one or more statement stuffers. The cost of two-color, 3.5 x 9" stuffers on lightweight "house enamel" can be fractions of a penny each. They add no postage cost and they work. Think of it this way: how much would it cost to mail that stuffer as a marketing piece without the statement bearing the postage expense?

* Get them attached to your sponsoring organizations and SEGs' payroll checks.

* If you are a community charter, try to get them inserted in the local utility or phone company statements.

* See how much the local paper will charge to slip them in as "preprinted inserts." It might be very inexpensive. See how much the local coupon mailer, such as ValPak, would charge to insert them in their mailers.

* Overprint those cheap statement stuffers as "point-of-sale" (POS) handouts. Put them on the counters and hand them out with receipts. Put them in the carrier at the drive-through. Put them in the breakrooms at your sponsor and SEGs.

* The backside of the statement stuffer can be a "mini" application for your seasonal loan promotion. Mini apps work, so don't underestimate the opportunity.

* Statement stuffers as newsletter ads: If you do a newsletter, you can use the art to do an ad in the publication. The benefit is the synergy is in "campaignizing" the marketing effort between the newsletter and your other uses of your stuffers.

Don't miss every opportunity to use effective and efficient marketing techniques. The statement stuffer is about the single most efficient and flexible tool in your credit union's marketing toolbox. Use it.

Ron Gossen, A.P.R., is the marketing columnist for the Credit Union Journal. A financial services marketing and branding consultant, he can be reached at or 210-590-7383.

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