Three Strikes Gets This Robber 17Years

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STAMFORD, Ct. - (05/10/06) -- A Bronx, N.Y., man who threatenedtellers with a semi-automatic handgun and a Roman candle, wassentenced to 17 years in prison for three different armedrobberies, including the October, 19, 2004 hold-up at Members CU.Derrick Spencer, 37, was captured after high-speed chase onInterstate 95 following the credit union incident. Spencer walkedinto the credit union around 2 pm carrying a semi-automatic pistoland wearing a ski mask, leaped over the teller counter andconfronted the teller, who was working alone at the time, andescaped with $16,000 in cash. Spencer, an illegal immigrant fromEngland, confessed to two other robberies at Webster Bank branches,one in which he ignited a Roman candle, which burned a 70-year-oldcustomer.

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