Top 3 Strategies To Boost Mobile Banking

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ST. LOUIS-Doug Varble, North American VP, Compass Plus, offered three top strategies for driving mobile banking adoption to a broader base of members.

1. Make it simple: Mobile Banking should be a natural extension of the existing financial services offered by the credit union, with initial capabilities allowing services already popular with members.The platform should be easily navigated by all segments of the member base, from Gen Y to seniors, and accessible for any range of mobile device. By implementing the technology to basic flip phones, credit unions are able to expand mobile services beyond those members who use advanced smart phones.

2. Keep it affordable: Most credit unions give the mobile service for free. It is common, however, for transactions fees to be charged similar to those at an ATM based on the rules of the account. If you do charge, offer creative pricing, with fee programs that are bundled with other financial services based on the member relationship.

3. Make sure it's easily managed and adaptable: Mobile should be integrated with other channels, such as telephone and Internet banking, and members should be able to easily enroll in mobile banking through those channels.

The call center should have the necessary tools available to offer general support on mobile inquiries, reducing the downtime experienced by members.

Additional mobile services should be deployed in harmony with new services across the credit union, such as new card programs, loyalty programs or special offers.

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