TopLine FCU Pilots New Round Up Savings Account

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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. – TopLine FCU has launched a new savings transfer program that automatically rounds up the nearest dollar every time members make a purchase or ATM transaction with their debit cards and transfers the difference into a savings account.

The credit union’s Sum-It-Up Savings uses a debit card that is tied to a member’s checking account to pay for groceries, gas and other purchases. The credit union rounds up each transaction that is made with TopLine’s Smart Rewards Check Card to the nearest whole dollar, and transfers the difference into a savings account of the member’s choosing.

“TopLine is the first credit union in our market to offer a product like this — a program that makes saving completely painless,” said Harry Carter, president of the $300 million credit union. “It’s an easy way to help our members save money by building an emergency reserve, creating a child’s savings or holiday spending account or even socking dollars away in a ‘mad money’ fund.”


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