Twin Towers Cast Huge Shadow

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NEW YORK - (09/01/04) – It’s been almost threeyears since they were erased from the skyline but the Twin Towersof the World Trade Center still cast a giant shadow over this city,and the Republican National Convention. Speakers like Senator JohnMcCain and former New York Major Rudy Giullani have focused on thepresident’s handling of the war on terrorism, pushingvirtually every other issue into the background. But speakers havebeen careful in the references to the ‘attacks onnine-eleven,’ lest they been seen by voters as trying tocapitalize on America’s greatest tragedy. Morris Hurd, anIowa delegate and a member of the convention’s platformcommittee, told The Credit Union Journal the Bush Administrationprepared the platform itself and dedicated half of its 95 pages tothe war on terrorism. Jerry Hruby, another delegate fromBrecksville, Ohio, said voters in the so-called battleground statewere deeply concerned about recent job losses but overwhelminglyagree that the war on terrorism is the number one priority today.“We can never let this happen, again,” Hrudy told TheCredit Union Journal while viewing the empty canyon where the WorldTrade Center once sat. “The only way to insure that is to goout and reelect George Bush.”

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