Two Maryland CUs to offer ID protection products to members

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Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC announced it has entered into a partnership with the $14 million Police Federal Credit Union of Upper Marlboro, Md., and the $15 million HEMA (Healthcare Employees Mid-Atlantic) Federal Credit Union of Silver Spring, Md., under which both credit unions will be able to offer “IDShield,” an identity protection product, to their members.

“IDShield is the only identity protection product that I have seen that is interactive with the member, through an app, giving the member the ability to have a hands-on approach to monitoring their identity,” said Danny Gregg, CEO of Police FCU.

Soaring Eagle explained that IDShield allows members to use an app to monitor their credit report and score, along with all other personal identifying information. If a change is detected through monitoring, the app will alert the member. After reviewing the alert, the member can contact a Kroll Licensed Private Investigator right from the app. Depending on the situation, the investigator, on behalf of the member, uses a Limited Power of Attorney and restores the member's identity.

In addition, IDShield members can contact the investigators, through the app, for any advice about identity protection.

IDShield is also backed by a $5 million service guarantee.

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