US FCU Lets Chiropractors Group Know It Has A Cure For 'Bank' Pain

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A clever twist on popular chiropractic advertising was a hit for US Federal Credit Union at the Minnesota Chiropractor's Association trade show.

At first glance, the backdrop of a woman holding her lower back as jolts of electricity pierced her body appeared to be just another lure for a spinal check.

But a closer look at the message-perhaps even a double take -revealed something else. "Bank Pain?" it cried. "Let US straighten it out."

Marty Kelly, VP of Marketing and Business Development at US FCU, said the idea came from Heather Bacigalupo, business development specialist.

"We didn't want to do the same old generic looking images of people and family," Kelly said. "And Heather asked if she could try something a bit more creative."

The result: An eye-catching booth that triggered "a lot of laughter and a few sneers from bankers," Kelly said. It was big and striking with bright blue and pink colors that commanded attention in a sea of massive displays. The ad was created by freelance designer Ryan Kelly of Phoenix. Ryan, by the way, is Marty Kelly's brother.

"We wanted it to look as much like a pain remedy as possible," Kelly said. "He was able to do that."

A complimentary coupon offering a free gift for those who visited the booth suggested "Excessive fees and poor service can be a real pain."

Kelly said that even though US FCU is now community-chartered, it has a long history as a SEG-based financial institution and continues to nurture those relationships by participating in various events and trade shows.

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