USERS Cites 4 Solutions In 2004

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USERS, Inc. said that 2004 marked a number of major accomplishments for the company, including the delivery of four new technology solutions that enable credit unions to expand into new markets, operate efficiently, and ensure high availability of services. Major product introductions during the year included:

* Commercial Integrator, which USERS said gives end-users easy access to the many deposit and lending functions needed to serve member business accounts, such as account sweeps, Internet cash management, and complex loan rates and terms.

* Loan Manager, a browser-based solution that makes loan inquiries and maintenance faster and more efficient.

* ACH/Payroll Manager, a browser-based solution that USERS said consolidates all of the functions needed to handle ACH, payroll, transfers, and distributions, putting account detail in one place.

* Clustering, which helps CUs ensure high availability by clustering two or more machines sharing the same core system and balancing the processing load among them.

USERS said its solutions are used by more than 210 credit unions representing 1.2 million members. It noted that during 2004 its Project Management Group completed 75 projects, including numerous upgrades and mergers.

Meanwhile, two more credit unions have selected USERS' DataSafe In-House System": Amarillo Community FCU in Amarillo, Texas and La Capitol Federal Credit Union, Baton Rouge, La.

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