Utah Legislators Suggest Anti-CU RepSteered To Power

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SALT LAKE CITY - (11/15/04) Credit unions are carefully watchingthe make-up of leadership positions in this state’slegislature following recent elections. Several members of thelegislature told local media that outgoing House Speaker MartyStephens, a former executive with Zions Bank who has led efforts inthis state to tax credit unions, had contacted them and lobbiedthem to vote for Greg Curtis over David Ure as House MajorityLeader. The officials implied that Stephens believes Ure will notbeing aggressive enough in attacking credit unions. Analysis by theSalt Lake City Tribune suggested, “observers feel thatbank-friendly lawmakers have taken a firm grip on the steering ofstate policy on financial institutions.” On a related issue,the incoming president of the American Bankers Association isHarris Simmons, chairman of Zions Bank and ardent credit unioncritic.

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