VCCU Experiences 10% Response To Card Offer

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Ventura County Credit Union is reporting a 10% acceptance rate for its new Visa Platinum Rewards Card in the first three weeks the card has been offered.

Preapproved offers were mailed to approximately 6,000 members in mid-May, the credit union said,noting that by June 6, 627 members had accepted, resulting in more than $38,000 in balance transfers, with credit limits exceeding $723,000. The campaign used a self-mailer, created by Aubrey, Anaheim, Calif., that unfolded like the petals of a flower.

The front of each "petal" highlighted a feature of the card such as "Power," "Privilege" or "Perks," while the back outlined the benefit. When all the panels were lifted, the member uncovered an acceptance form on which an image of the new Visa Platinum Rewards Card was printed in eye-catching metallic ink. The Visa Platinum Rewards Card rollout was supported with in-house materials.

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