Virginia Corporate Signs For Remote ImageCapture

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RICHMOND, Va. - (06/14/06) – VACorp FCU, the Virginia LeagueCorporate, announced Tuesday it has signed with PalmettoCooperative Services, a unit of the South Carolina CU League, toprovide a branch image capture solution for its credit unionmembers. Palmetto Cooperative signed a deal last month with VSoftCorp. to provide item processing services for its members. Underthe deal, VACorp will roll out Vsoft’s Branch Item Capturesolution to its 200 members credit unions. The solution will allowVirginia credit unions to capture share draft (check) images at thebranch level, rather than transporting them to a central site. Theimages will be sent to Palmetto’s central site forprocessing. All participating credit unions will have access tosearch and research in the image archive.

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