Wealth Is Fleeting For This Young CUMember

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LENEXA, Kan. - (06/21/06) – For ever so briefly–24hours–one 17-year-old member of the Credit Union of JohnsonCity was a millionaire. As a member of the credit union’sSolid Saver Program, Alyssa Corcoran won possession of a 12-month$1 million CD and got to feel what it was like to be‘Millionaire for a Day.’ Even though themillion-dollars was taken away, the teenager got to keep theday’s interest on the 4.5% certificate, which came out to$123, and was rounded up by the credit union to $125. Butthat’s not all. When she was announced as the winner,Corcoran was interviewed at the credit union by the DJs live onlocal FM radio station STAR 102, who told her she also won fourtickets to see American Idol star Kelly Clarkson perform live inKansas City later this summer. Then she was taken to pick up hertickets in a chauffeur-driven limousine. “There could nothave been a more fitting winner of our Savers’ contest. Shetypifies what this promotion is all about,” Kathy Saunders,business development officer for the credit union, told The CreditUnion Journal. Corcoran in is one of four daughters of long-timemembers of the credit union.

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