WesCorp Buys CU Support Services

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WesCorp is buying Credit Union Support Services (CUSS) and its book of business. Spokane, Wash.-based CSS is owned by six area credit unions, and offers item processing and check imaging services to 16 local credit unions and one bank customer.

"Check 21 will usher in some significant advantages for credit union members when it takes effect in October of this year," said Steve Dahlstrom, CEO of Spokane Teachers Credit Union and the chairman of CUSS. "Our consideration at CUSS was to trust one of our own, Western Corporate FCU. As a veteran processor, WesCorp has already proven adept in applying the benefits of Check 21 to image settlement."

Besides Spokane Teachers, the remaining five CUSS owners include Global CU, Spokane FCU, Spokane Postal FCU, United Health Service FCU, and Numerica CU. The book of business represents the processing of approximately 2.4 million items per month.

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