What to Tell Members About "Do Not Track" Tools

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ROMULUS, Mich. — Browser privacy tools and recent FTC recommendations may threaten targeted marketing at credit unions. Credit Union Journal asked credit unions if members should be encouraged to use "Do Not Track" tools when browsing the Web.

"If we encourage members not to use Microsoft's InPrivate Filtering on our website, it will go against what we have been preaching about Internet security all along," said Angelo Fanaras, VP-I.T. at Public Service CU here. "We will encourage members to use every tool at their disposal to make them comfortable surfing online and comfortable enough to use all our electronic delivery channels."

Credit unions should consider the effect Web privacy tools will have not only on business but also on the member's Internet experience, suggested Lauren Vance, VP-strategic development and product delivery at Christian Financial CU, Roseville, Mich.

"Consumers should have the right to decide when and where not to share their personal information and habits, but taking away the element of customization will cause a fundamental shift in how technology works for consumers, which in the end might make them worse off," she said. "The best we can do is to educate consumers on the impact 'Do Not Track' could have on their Internet experience. Businesses should be more transparent in how they target. And any implementation of legislation should include the ability for users to customize info sharing rather than blocking it all together."

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