Woman Dies After Shooting At CU ATM

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.-A woman who was shot during a robbery attempt while using an ATM at TVA Employees Credit Union here has died.

Police have arrested Brandon James Johnson, 20, who was also shot by police following the robbery attempt.

According to Knoxville police, Davida Nicholson, 46, was making a withdrawal at the ATM when she was approached by Johnson. When Nicholson attempted to pull away, Johnson allegedly shot her and also fired a shot at a second vehicle at a separate ATM. Police said Johnson managed to pull Nicholson’s 21-year-old, mentally-handicapped son from the passenger seat of her pickup before climbing in himself.

When police arrived, Johnson refused to drop his weapons or exit the vehicle. He was then shot by police. Both Nicholson and Johnson were taken to hospitals, where Nicholson later died from her injuries.

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