CUNA Management The Very Best That Money Can Buy; Let The Freeze Thaw

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For the record, let me be perfectly clear: we have the absolute best CEO in Dan Mica that money can buy. Now it is both sad and unfortunate CUNA is in a rectal bleed-out of some $8 million. I am convinced that Dan's million-dollar salary plus benefits and various other perks has absolutely nothing to do with the pathetic plight at CUNA. We should all take comfort that Dan was able to throw six people under the bus to maintain his standard of living. It sure does beat the hell out of taking a pay cut. Will our industry ever return to the basics of "feeding the needy and not the greedy?" Dan, instead of placing a freeze on those filthy stinking executive salaries-why not let them thaw? Finally Dan, please discontinue your reliance on the corporate credit unions for financial investment advice-see what good it did them.


Stuart Perlitsh, CEO

Glendale Area Schools FCU, Glendale, Calif.



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