'Day in the Life' A Fitting Tribute To CU Difference

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The annual "A Day in the Life of Credit Unions Project" pictorial project in the October 14, 2013, edition of the Credit Union Journal is a fitting tribute to credit unions and the observation of International Credit Union Week. I commend you and your staff for putting together this outstanding feature.

The project is not only an interesting perspective about credit unions and the dedication of their employees, but it also portrays the true credit union spirit of people helping people. Every day from New York to California and from Alaska to Georgia, the credit unions highlighted in your feature, and all credit unions across this country, are actively involved in their communities, service organizations, schools, associations and charities.

A day in the life of credit unions is more than just opening the door and putting an open flag outside. It is not only saying welcome, come in, how can we help you? It is a broader statement that tells their members and the entire community that the credit union is much more than bricks and mortar. It is the heart and soul of people who care and who will go the extra mile to help them in any way they can.

October 17 may be designated International Credit Union Day, but for those who know the people who work in credit unions and the commitment they have, every day is credit union day.

Michael E. Fryzel, Board Member

NCUA, Alexandria, Va.

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