Future Not Just For Big Dogs

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In a recent issue you asked whether the future for CUs is "reserved for the Big Dogs." Well, my answer is "Surely Not"

The Moultrie Employee's Federal Credit Union has been running strong since 1955. Oh sure, we have had in the past a struggle time or two. But, we've always came out on top in the long run.

We are a small credit union, in a small South Georgia town. But, we serve our members very well, and give them a good return on their savings.

All you have to do is just ask some of our members.

I feel that our board of directors hold to their responsibility very well when addressing the issues of our members.

So, my point is that after being in business for more than 52 years, for a small-size federal credit union, It's not just for the "BIG DOGS."

Roger Lindsay, Former President

Moultrie Employee's FCU

Moultrie, Ga.


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