Hurricane Season Brings Out Best In Movement

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For a lot of credit unions along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions, we are (hopefully) nearing the end of another tough hurricane season: Hurricane Dolly, followed by Tropical Storm Fay, then the triple punch of hurricanes Gustav, Hannah and, most especially, Ike.

These storms forced many credit union employees and their families, along with their members, to flee their homes-some more than once. Many returned to neighborhoods and dwellings in various states of destruction.

As DigitalMailer and others in the credit union community gave support to those in the path of these storms, I witnessed first-hand what credit unions do best: work together, focus on members and rally around those in need. Despite the force of Mother Nature, there have been numerous examples of our industry at its best.

After 25 years in this industry, it's still amazing and inspiring to me: our "people-helping-people" principles really work! Although the current spate of storms have blown over, many are still coping with their aftermath. I'm confident all of us will continue to keep those affected by this year's hurricane season top of mind and help where we can.

Ron Daly


DigitalMailer, Inc.,

Herndon, Va.


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