Is CUNA CEO’s Salary People Helping People?

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Regarding CUNA CEO Dan Mica’s salary surpassing $1 million, once again it looks like we got the best leadership money can buy. So this must explain where all that CUNA dues money is going.

While nationwide some 17% of credit unions are reporting negative income, and more than 32% are negative in California through March 2008 (per NCUA Call Report data), Dan the Man is pulling down $1 million–only in America!  This defines People Helping People?  Is this serving the under-served?  We are under and he is served!

While credit union members and their credit unions are struggling it is at least refreshing to see Dan, our leader, not going to bed hungry.  Heck, his travel benefit package exceeds what some CEOs earn in salary.

Stuart Perlitsh, CEO

Glendale Area Schools FCU, Glendale, Calif.


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