Journal Series Show Courage In Tackling Topic

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I was impressed with the courage the Credit Union Journal showed in printing the recent article related to diversity at the very top levels of the U.S. credit union movement.

This sort of honesty and transparency is what it will take for revolutionary change to occur. I truly see there are credible efforts in many organizations and credit unions throughout the movement.  I applaud those who have seen “Improving diversity within the Credit Union Movement Leadership” as a major “must do”.

It would warm my heart and revitalize my hope in the potential of this movement to really be the change mechanism it was designed to be, when all of God’s children are not simply welcomed to the table but when access to the table is altered to assure a more diverse presence is there.    

While many worthy organizations were mentioned and the demographics of the various top leaders were displayed, I did not see that the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions’ demographics were mentioned. I would like to share their most impressive numbers. Using your information grid as a guide, I will share the following numbers;

Male: 7. Female: 8. White: 6. African-American: 5 Hispanic: 3. Asian: 1

In addition, contrary to what many might think, the board members are from credit unions of diverse asset sizes: < 10 million: 8. 10 mil-50 mil: 5. > 50 mil: 2

I am one of the African-Americans on this board.  

We are proud of our diverse representation and the work that is accomplished on behalf of communities across our country.

Helen Godfrey-Smith,

President/CEO Shreveport FCU, Louisiana

Editor’s Note: A chart showing the make-up of the leadership of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Un ions appeared in the Jan. 28 issue. (c) 2008 The Credit Union Journal and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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