Just For You, The Year In Review, And In Couplets, At That

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It’s a curse and it could be far worse–but it’s a tradition nonetheless,

To record in verse before the hearse arrives for 07’s corpse, we guess

Yes, it is December but we’re sure to remember so much about 2007,

For as you will hear there was much more to this year than CUs and 7-Eleven

All are agreed we enjoy the speed of a withdrawal and a gallon of Big Gulp,

We find ourselves hurled into a world of checking without any of the pulp,

The big story this year was mortgage fears, now everyone’s crying tsk, tsk

To consumers and lenders and some rules-benders who misunderstood just why it’s called risk

CUs and regulators had the eyes of potators–claiming to be in the dark-o,

All over the nation are the loan participations from a CU called Norlarco,

Many dropped their shields at healthy yields and enjoyed a brief balance sheet romp,

But in the end they couldn’t mend the history of how Florida is a swamp

Rejecting advisers and those who are wiser many gambled their homes were a tool,

For getting rich quickly ’til the market turned sickly and they learned about “adjustable,”

They would learn soon that the word “balloon” means markets both blessed and cursed,

You better get in early before it gets squirrelly and all the hot air finally bursts

This was the year that we also learned to fear “sub” as a prefix to “prime,”

In autos and homes and those igloo domes–so ugly some called it a crime,

Often in their lives they’re told they lack drive to offer loans that are innovative,

But it isn’t CUs that have been singing the blues over losses most quantitative

At assets high and low it’s all now a rodeo, it seems everyone is rebranding,

And, sorry, it’s lame when you arrive at a name we have great trouble understanding,

While back in D.C. and on YouTube TV the message is the “Little Guy,”

But Congress says “Heck, if there is no check, you still aren’t catching our eye”

Treasury had its say on the NCUA and whether or not to keep it,

You can surmise it was not a surprise when the agency saw no need to sweep it,

Add to your list this bit of twist as NCUA’s 08 budget is growing,

Now they get it and have to give “credit” to an examiners “union” that’s crowing

Some vendors are now thanking the emergence of mobile banking–today ET would phone loan,

That’s not so GR8 4 and a bit 2 late for those who don’t text but touch-tone,

Those are the Boomers and other late-tech bloomers who have said they would rather retire,

Than figure out why Gen X and Gen Y have made Starbucks the place to find hires,

Speaking of youth and the uncouth there once was a CU named Street Cred,

When asked ‘W’sup?,’ answered, ‘It seems we’re bankrupt;’ ah, lovers of irony were well fed,

The change in the scene is now all about the green–and by that we don’t mean the drawer count,

Many are now bent on the environment, as they watch energy costs mount

This was the year that brought a few tears over a kind of extreme makeover,

Few in the movement saw little improvement from CUs’ first hostile takeover,

Many ran rings after management at Wings went directly to members of Continental,

And all of the sages thought never in all ages would credit unions go so mental

All was not roses as another year closes, yet one thing remains the same,

Joe Working Man could still use a hand, as did all those who before him came,

Believing is seeing you’re reason for being, so one thing will certainly remain great,

You know what it is, it’s the reason for biz–stick to it, you’ll do well in 08.

Frank J. Diekmann can be reached at fdiekmann cujournal.com. (c) 2007 The Credit Union Journal and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.cujournal.com http://www.sourcemedia.com

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