Letter To The Editor: CUNA's Approach Toward Bankers On Capitol Hill Is Right On

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Ed Roberts' front-page story July 10 ("CUNA Goes On The Offensive Against Bankers On The Hill") states that CUNA's approach is "raising questions" among some in the credit union movement. There is no question in my mind-CUNA did the right thing.

When I read about CUNA's approach on this issue, I immediately thought to myself: "way to go CUNA! It's about time. It's great to be proactive instead of reactive!"

As for CUNA's traditional "take the high road" approach, it looks to me that CUNA has taken the highest of all paths. That is, CUNA acted to protect credit unions with a strong, proactive stand against legislative maneuvering which, left unchecked, would put the credit union charter at an enormous disadvantage vis-?-vis thrifts.

Credit unions are still wearing their white hats-and can stand proud knowing they have a strong representative for them.

Gary Davis, CEO

Chocolate Bayou FCU, Alvin, Texas

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