Once Again It Is Time To Use A Headline, And Put 08 To Verse

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It comes each year and I know you fear, but again I turn to rhyme

To review 08 as it approaches the gate, it's a tradition for our time,

Yes it's December but again we remember events from throughout the year,

Many would like to forget the following set, perhaps you should grab a beer

As January debuted already there was news of clouds on the horizon,

Clouds they were not, it was smoke that was fraught with signals that were surprisin',

It wasn't too long before many were wrong and the Bear turned out to be Stearns,

Capitalists on Wall Street? Socialists in a heartbeat, when it is their money that might get burned

New acronyms were minted, more money was printed, as Treasury unveiled the TARP,

CUs were left to wonder, their minds all asunder, over the SIP vs. the HARP,

'Too Big Too Fail? Doesn't mean 'Too Big To Bail,' and it was really hard not to see,

That the banks chose to coddle the credit union model--consumer-owned (but forget the democracy)

The country finally voted and the pundits all noted that now we had capital reform,

But that's not what we meant, said CUs feeling bent, this "change" looks a lot like the norm,

Whether Obama or McCain CUs would still feel the pain, of pressure on their primary ratios,

Still they head to DC always optimistically, PAC checks in hand just in case-eo

The primary auto rate for much of 08 wasn't APY but instead MPG,

The only solace for posers of homes in foreclosure was living in one's SUV,

The Big 3 had no clue when helping start CUs that more than six decades later,

CUs would come back with special loans, Jack, and try to return the favor

From Florida to 'Zona many lost their homes-a and the world learned all about 'Subprime,'

For when the market goes bust and mortgage rates adjust, NCUA becomes the landlord for a time,

When it came to those homes CUs tried workout loans, but members said 'Here, take the keys,'

Those devaluations led to some sad situations, and lots of upside-down home equities

Yet despite the home prices the CU model still entices, and it was Realtors who got their own charter,

Speaking of homes other CUs offered loans, for energy costs unseen since Carter,

Some were clicking their mouses when it came to their houses, and filling out apps from all the "green" hype,

Few would ever reconcile that their own domicile, could have a HELC as frozen as the pipes

In two-thousand-eight in these United States, CUs celebrated an anniversary golden,

On CUJ's website, review video highlights of the values to which you are beholden,

Consumers just sigh as bank fees hit new highs, and values seem to sink to new lows,

Don't forget to remind that you're one of a kind, your job is to keep predators on their toes

As we enter 09 it seems to be time to remember during this recession,

That financial co-ops were not forced to stop during the much worse earlier Depression,

For those with no place to turn, that's when you earn the break on federal income taxes,

As the market takes its toll you'll always have a role, as long as you know just what the facts is

Frank J. Diekmann can be reached and even beseeched, he just asks that you remain calm,

You can share your kernel with fdiekmann@cujournal, and don't forget to add the dot com.

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