Opinion: Questioning Of Motives Continues For One Reader

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I would like to throw my two cents into the pot. "It's Time To Stop Questioning Motives Of Officials At DFCU Financial CU" (CUJ, Jan. 22) starts out good, but, then goes downhill for me. I know nothing of what is going on at DFCU other than what I read. I am amazed when someone says "I hesitate to re-enter." They really don't or they wouldn't. When you say "I'm troubled by the incessant desire to doubt the motives of DFCU officials," I find that I raise my eyebrows and wonder about YOUR motives. They come later... Then you tell me "your motives are pure." I might not [have] had any doubt before, but, now I do. Why would you tell me your motives are pure? That is like me telling you I have NEVER lied before. What I wonder about from the officials at DFCU is the way they seem to stall information from being sent out. If they have "pure" motives, I would think they would show what they did, why they did it, and give facts to support their reasons. I haven't read any of this. Wrong is still wrong unless you come to the good part... They (DFCU Management) have decided to show the world what it takes to be a GOOD guy-give a $17.5-million dividend to the members. And to really make us look good-we will give $10 million to the League's Career Transition Program and the League will tell the world how great we are. I find it hard to believe a motive is pure after receiving that kind of money. PR ($10 million here, $17.5 million there) goes a long way in making anybody look good. I now know the amount it cost to get "pure motives" from a person. If people at DFCU did wrong then they should be dealt with, if they didn't then let the whole thing die. Their "good works" don't cover much in my estimation, let alone "walk the talk."


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