Photo Of Army Flight Medic Put CU Story In Perspective

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On September 25-26, The Wall Street Journal's lead article highlighted NCUA's $30 billion stabilization effort. Immediately below that lead article is a picture of US Army flight medic Sgt. Tyrone Jordan hoisting Marine Lance Cpl. David Hawkins to safety after Hawkins was hurt by an explosive device. We credit union leaders need to remind ourselves of that heroism and gallantry in this time.

I really don't like paying for other people's mistakes. I sympathize with their misfortunes. However, I'm not bleeding, nor is our credit union. Just as Hawkins' life depended on Jordan's gallantry, we all need to step forward. We need to shoulder the other's burden to heal this wound to our system that could otherwise take a lot of us down. We've done it before. We'll be much better for it in the end.

Phillip A. Matous, President
Total Community Credit Union, Taylor, Mich.

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