Searching For A New Name? Here's A Great Idea! So Which Of You Will 'Go' For It?

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There's been a lot of news in the credit union industry lately about name changes. Some credit unions have changed their name, then changed it back. There are names tied to places. Names tied to the history of the credit union. And the latest fad-names that mean nothing at all. With all these GOings-on in the industry it makes you wonder-what happens if you stop getting clever, or mysterious, or overly creative and just GO for it!

What if you name the credit union: GO

After helping many credit unions across the country take on a new name, introduce a new look and show off a new attitude I'm ready for something really new. A short, simple, aggressive action verb that makes me want to jump up and rush to my credit union: GO-That's it, just GO!

It establishes a fresh, vibrant brand personality. It's short, memorable and easy to spell. It's fun. And young. And it fits on banners and business cards and leaves lots of white space.

GO Credit Union would probably have to be a community charter credit union, in an urban market, with a strong retail philosophy-and a brave management team with a marketing director that understands branding and retail messaging! Once you start exploring the possibilities of where we could GO from here it starts to get interesting.

Think of a traffic light visual with a big green light thus providing your brand built-in highly memorable reminder mediums everywhere and once you tie into other traffic signage you're now GOing strong: GOCredit Union. 1-800-4LetsGO

Think of short, hard-hitting brand extensions:

* GOpaperless (eStatements)

* On-The-GO Internet Home Banking

* STOP and Think About Savings

* Caution: Retirement Ahead IRA

* Checking on the GO! -or simply GO Checking

* GO Credit Cards

* GO Loans Goloans

* GO-Home Mortgages & GO-Home Equity Loans

* GO Tunes-iPod downloads for your youth accounts

* Get ready-Get set-GO! Ask for your GO Switch Kit today!

* Please-don't-GO member account closing processes.

* Let's GO Slowly new-membership package.

* How low can we GO on loan rates? (Well, maybe not.)

* Music: "Let's Go"-by the Cars, 1979.

* GO Compare Vehicle Loans, GO Auto Club

* GO Team-your internal up-selling culture training team.

No need for a tagline-just use the URL the way I just secured the dot-com, dot-org and dot-net extensions since they were available, so if you need them let me know.

I think you get the idea, so let's GO! I could say, "Don't pass GO!" But even I won't GO there.

Paul Lucas can be reached at paul

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