The Anti-Fat Cat Story That Sums Up the Movement

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The following letter was submitted to 100 Voices by the $16.6-billion State Employees Credit Union in North Carolina. It was handwritten by a member and submitted by CEO Jim Blaine, who said, "I gave some thought to how best to define 'the voice of SECU' for your series. Decided to share with you a note from one of our members — affectionately known as 'The Cat Food Letter.' If you want to know what our organization is about, she nailed us!"

I came in last week with a small check that I was cashing because I needed to buy food for my cat. You could say that I had very little money in my account (actually, the balance was negative in two accounts). I mentioned to you that I really needed the money to buy food for my cat. You still, of course, followed bank rules by making sure my account was brought up to at least $0, but then you searched in your purse and found some coupons and gave them to me.

I was able to buy food for my cat with the money left over after my accounts were brought current and the coupons have been very helpful. Even more importantly, I now know that I am banking with people who really care about me as a person. Thank you so much for not only providing excellent customer service, but also for truly caring. You have earned my loyalty.

Jim Blaine
State Employees Credit Union
Raleigh, N.C.


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