The Bottom Line: No More Excuses, Negative Focus

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Q: A CEO is concerned about all the changes coming out of Washington and what those changes will mean for the credit union movement.

A: The changes are coming fast and we must adjust our business model to accommodate those changes-we have no choice.

We cannot forget, however, that we are also in a position to take advantage of the opportunities before us. Opportunities present themselves during times of stress and crisis.

During times of prosperity and plenty, everyone can be successful with relatively no effort. As we assess the changes being made seemingly every day-the most important thing we can do is go back to our roots, and remember what made our great movement and brought us where we are today. We must rededicate ourselves to service, partnership, innovation, and community.

To use opportunities, we need to revive our movement. Feeling sorry for ourselves with indecision create stagnation and decline. Instead, we need to move forward-and it's all about attitude, commitment, and passion. That's what builds great organizations, then as now.

Opportunities are out there...for expansion, additional services, and innovation. We must make the extra effort-we must remember that we are here to serve our members. It's too easy to find excuses why goals cannot be met, why we cannot move forward. It is so much harder-but also much more rewarding-to find reasons why we can move forward.

The bottom line: No more excuses, no more focusing on the negative. Instead, let us move forward together, always looking for the positive. We should take the lead to ensure a prosperous future for our cherished movement and the continued well being of the members we serve.

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