Time for New CUNA Leadership?

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I am deeply disappointed in Dan Mica and CUNA not representing the majority of credit unions on two issues.

Most of us would like to get this year behind us but "CUNA believes that spreading out the (NCUA Stabilization) cost over time is doing a service to all credit unions, including those that have been hit hard by the economic crisis." I don't know how they can believe this. It may do a service to the very small minority of credit unions who have issues with capital, this is certainly not "all" credit unions. Also, going for TARP funds was not something the majority of credit unions wanted and yet they fought for them and fortunately lost.

It seems to me we have a big problem in getting CUNA to represent us — the majority of credit unions. Obviously there is a bias for the minority of credit unions, and if this continues the minority of credit unions seem to be well represented by CUNA, but perhaps the majority of credit unions need another organization or new leadership at CUNA to better represent us.

Dennis A. Fisher, CEO
Imperial Credit Union, Lincolnwood, Ill.


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