We Told Examiner She Is Not Welcome Here

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I wanted to respond to "No Surprise NCUA Needs More Examiners" in the Nov 29 issue. I have had a similar experience as the writer. The examiner in question came to our credit union and time and again went over the same issues. I would make the changes that she recommended and she would in turn say something else should be included in our policies or procedures, and when I pointed out to her that I had, in fact, done exactly as she recommended in the previous exam, she fumbled and said that she copied someone else's exam as she was running behind.

I explained that she was casting aspersions on my name and that of the credit union and she told me not to worry, "no one reads those reports anyway." And while I've told her that she is not welcome to return to this credit union, she continues to try to needle me, just to let me know that she's still there. In my September Call Report I had one line item that she wanted me to change. When I tried to make the change, I couldn't get back into the 5300 to change it. Within a few days, she e-mailed me and asked when I was going to make the change so I told her that I would call the agency for help as I wish never to speak to her again. When I called NCUA in D.C. the attendant told me that I couldn't change my report because it had already been submitted.

That's the kind of time that the examiners have on their hands. Plenty of time for petty irritations and reprisal.

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