What Had Us All Atwitter in 2011? Here's A Review

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For what will 2011 be remembered? An economic recovery that arrived, sort of? NCUA assessments that never left? A Kardashian marriage shorter than a payday loan?

Perhaps 2011 will go down as the year social media finally proved it might live up to some of the hype, with no better example than one person's angry Facebook post leading nearly a half-million people to leave their bank for a credit union (see related story).

So in keeping with that, I thought the best way to memorialize 2011 would be to go back and look at some of the best Twitter posts (tweets) and share them here.


@CUCrystal_Ball: Lending should go like gangbusters in 2011. Get ready for loans!

@CreditUnionChief: If every economist with a prediction on lending were to take out a loan, we'd hit 100% LTS by March.

@CFONeedsToKnow: Any idea on interchange's prospects? Am getting strategy advice from Magic 8 Ball at this point.

@FedUp_CU_CFO: I'm leading a group over to TP Dick Durbin's house tonight.

@NCUACorpExaminer: Steelers 2 crush Packers by 20 in Super Bowl. Count on it.


@SweetGuvJob: Just got 8% raise. Finally, some deserved recognition for nice job we've done at NCUA supervising CUs.

@We_Didnt_Mean_It: Hey SEGs, long time no talk. Whattayasay we get back together sometime, patch things up?

@CUPoliticsVoyeur: At CUNA's GAC. Analysts say it's a slam dunk, Mitt Romney has GOP nomination in the bag.

@CUPaymentsGal: Creators of Angry Birds entering payments biz. New non-payment excuse: pigs got in the way.


@NCUACorpExaminer: March Madness! Carolina all the way. Count on it!

@CUBoardVolunteer: Think I have this Tweeter thing working. Who says volunteers can't use socialization mediums? Ain't not too old to remember limit is 140 cha

@CUPoliticsVoyeur: Holy hairpiece, the Donald is going to win the GOP race!


@CUSecurityExpert: Just had my email hacked, lost control.

@Anonymous_13_Year_Old: Put candy bck in lbby jar and we'll tlk abt gvg back control of your email to u. Or else.

@SweetGuvJob: Hey, peeps, it's been 2 mos since we created NCUA Facebook page and still no 'likes.' OMG, whazzup?

@CUPoliticsVoyeur: Its clear now. Michelle Bachman owns the GOP nod.


@SmallCULeader: Examiner just stopped by our elementary school branch; took kids nickels and quarters. Wow, these assessments really getting extreme.

@NCUACorpExaminer: Heat will win NBA playoffs, baby. Count on it!!!

@CUPoliticsVoyeur: Gov. Rick Perry looks like real deal as GOP prez candidate.


@CFONeedsToKnow: Anybody know how many zeroes we can put in front of the 1 in our deposit APYs?

@CUSecurityExpert: Just started with QR codes in marketing. 3 members thought they were mazes, found way thru, want prize.


@SmallCULeader: I would like to hereby invite Mr. Dodd and Mr. Frank to stop and help me fill out a wee bit o' paperwork.

@SureWe'reBuying: Hey, Congress announced plans to 'reform Congress.' I feel better. Should be a good summer.


@CreditUnionChief: S&P downgraded U.S. debt today. S&P also gave best ratings to CMOs, Fannie, Freddie, so... When will someone downgrade them?

@CUPoliticsVoyeur: Fine! Fine! Fine! There's no stoppin' Herman Cain now!


@CreditUnionChief: Can't imagine much will come from this 'Bank Transfer Day.'


@NCUACorpExaminer: Red Sox a lock for World Series crown. Count on it.

@SmallCULeader: Treasury says no more savings bond sales in branches. (Now just going to sell them on street in China)


@CUNA_Research_Gang: Looks like 3.7 trillion Americans joining CUs due to Transfer Day, give or take.

@CreditUnionChief: Probably should have dusted off switch kit earlier; includes an abacus to add up savings thru membership

@CUMergerBait: Q1 numbers are in. We're a proud, small CU, living big and serving members, and NOT looking to merge.

@BigBillionCU: Just looking for a date, not marriage. Lets meet 4 some laughs.

@CUMergerBait: Not LOLing.


@ CUNA_Research_Gang: Um, we did say 'give or take'

@CreditUnionChief: If you're filling out holiday thank you's, don't forget BofA.

@CUPoliticsVoyeur: GOP nominee in 2012? Newt Gingrich. Definitely. I think.

Frank J. Diekmann can be reached at fdiekmann@cujournal.com

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