Why I'm Not Willing To Sign My Name

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I would like to respond to David Skilton's letter to the editor entitled "We Cannot Fight Tyranny When We Are Anonymous" (CU Journal, Dec. 20, 2010) 

The NCUA has proven time and time again that they feel that this collapse of the corporate credit unions has nothing to do with them and it's up to everyone else to make restitution to correct the situation. I also believe that they feel that the boards of directors of credit unions were at some fault here since they just passed a rule for a financial literacy requirement for all credit union directors.

Never, and I mean never, has Debbie Matz or any other director on the NCUA board stepped up and stated that they were in part also responsible for the failures.

While we cut back hiring new people, freeze salaries, sell off branches, or cut back operating hours to make ends meet, the NCUA is going to hire 75 more examiners and give all their employees a 5% to 8% raise.

What was that saying in France by the queen? "Let them eat cake?" With this mindset coming from the NCUA it would be, in my opinion, asking for trouble to be critical of the NCUA and then sign your name to it. It's very easy to be critical when sitting in the cheap seats and not saying anything public. I just wonder when was the last time Mr. Skilton wrote a letter to the editor pointing out the faults of the NCUA and signed it.

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