Dugood - Star Wars Day 050417.jpg
These ARE the droids you're looking for
Beaumont, Texas-based DuGood FCU celebrated with themed t-shirts, Death Star donuts and even invited members to take selfies with some special guests.
Thornapple - Star Wars Day 050417.jpg
The force is with them
Employees at Thornapple CU, Hastings, Mich., wore costumes and "Star Wars"-themed outfits for the big day, as well as offered members free popcorn to celebrate.
CU of Texas - Star Wars Day 050417.JPG
Bringing smiles to kids
CU of Texas brought along "Star Wars" characters to visit kids at the Children's Medical Center of Dallas and took donations to benfit the hospital as well.
Sun Community - Star Wars Day 050417.jpg
Sun Community costume contest
Various departments at Sun Community FCU, El Centro, Calif., donned costumes, including the CU's IT department, seen here.
Michigan First - Star Wars Day 050417.JPG
Learn good financial habits, you must
Michigan First CU used today as an opportunity to slip a bit of financial education into the fun.
TTCU - Star Wars Day 050417.JPG
The force is strong with these memes
TTCU kept it simple with this Facebook post.
GTE - Star Wars Day 050417.JPG
Lights, camera, action
Tampa-based GTE Financial went a step further than many other institutions, creating a short film that features all sorts of "Star Wars" ships gathering near the credit union -- with the Death Star visible in the distance on the Tampa skyline!

According to VP of Marketing & Products Jenn Maxfield, the project was intended as a way to boost the credit union's social media presence "and introduce that we're geeks, we're fun, we're inviting, and to try to connect with people around different things than just credit union stuff."

Maxfield's team regularly puts together a variety of video products for internal and external use, so the "Star Wars" project wasn't much of a stretch -- and, if the final shot is to be believed, it could be the first in a series.

"Hopefully we can bond [with consumers] on this 'Star Wars' affinity and maybe have some relationships grow from there," she said. "Our hope is to convert them to full-blown members, but this was more just about the initial relationship."

To see the video, click here.
Granite State - Star Wars Day 050417.JPG
Chew on this
Granite State CU marked the day with a pun-filled meme celebrating one of the series' most popular (and uninteligible) characters.
Marine FCU - Star Wars Day 050417.JPG
Closer than a galaxy far, far away...
A short video posted on Marine FCU's Facebook page mimicked the classic "Star Wars" "opening crawl," but instead of tales of galactic rebellion, viewers get a short explanation of what credit unions are all about.