A look at some highlights from this week's meeting and greeting in the Mile High City.
Best-selling author Luke Williams offered a keynote speech on the power of innovation and disruptive thinking. "Analysis of data is important, but it only gets your 50% of the way there," he told the crowd. "The other 50% has to come from the human imagination."
Anne Cochran, president and CEO of the Louisiana CU League, was named the first-ever female chair of the World Council of CUs board of directors. Cochran, left, accepted the position from outgoing chair Grzegorz Bierecki, right, president and CEO of the national Association of Co-operative Savings and Credit Unions of Poland.
Daniel Ferretti told conference attendees how credit unions in Brazil's Sicredi movement are working to attract new Gen Y members.
After a couple of particularly corny jokes, emcee Mark DeCarlo quipped to the audience "I don't need your love — I've had my coffee.” DeCarlo went on to remark upon the significance of the latest photos from NASA showing the planet Pluto — an effort that required expertise and cooperation from experts all over the globe, not unlike the exchange of ideas occurring at the international credit union conference in Denver.
From left to right: British regulator Martin Stewart, NCUA's John Kutchey and Mexican regulator Jose, Mier Sainz Trapaga offered best practices for working with regulators.