Beyond the branch: Optimize your digital member experience

60 Minutes
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The member shift to digital financial services has become the new normal for credit union interactions. Organizations are presented with an opportunity to audit their digital member experiences to ensure their credit union continues to best serve its members during and through this economic crisis. Credit union marketers and member experience leaders will walk away with tactical advice to analyze and optimize:

  • Onboarding campaigns with a focus on digital service adoption
  • Personalized journeys that leverage the channels members use most
  • Educational opportunities around products, services, and perks
  • Strategic approaches for adopting a growth mindset

Join Total Expert Director of Content Strategy & Development Kelly Guest and Campaign Director Lori Blix as they shine a light on credit union best practices and opportunities as consumers shift from in-branch relationships to outstanding online experiences to ensure your credit union remains the trusted financial partner to its members.

Director of Content Strategy & Development, Total Expert
April 22
Campaign Director, Financial Services, Total Expert
April 22

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