Turning up the volume on Alexa

Consumer response to banking by smart speaker has been underwhelming. But a handful of financial institutions keep plugging away in hopes customers warm to the advantages of verbal commands instead of pushing buttons.

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Bankers see payments firms as fintech enemy No. 1

Banks, especially smaller ones, are more worried about the competitive inroads that Apple Pay, Venmo and others have made than they are about tech companies' incursions into other financial segments, according to a new survey by Promontory Interfinancial Network.

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Fifth Third latest bank in CFPB crosshairs over phony accounts

The bank's disclosure of an impending enforcement action shows that the CFPB continues to crack down on aggressive practices that got Wells Fargo in hot water.

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Bankers come to grips with coronavirus impact

With health organizations warning of a global outbreak, banks are starting to assess the risks to their bottom lines.

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LendingClub-Radius deal faces high regulatory hurdles

Compliance, risk management and staffing will likely come under added scrutiny as regulators lay out a framework for future fintech-bank mergers.

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How bank regulators could mitigate coronavirus fallout

Policymakers could recommend banks establish backup facilities and the Federal Reserve could stand ready with emergency loans to limit economic shock waves.

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Bremer Bank says it's not for sale. Its biggest investor begs to differ.

The Minnesota bank is locked in a bitter legal battle to preserve its independence. Its foe? The charitable organization set up by its founder.

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Rate cut could prompt even tighter margins, mortgage surge

The Fed's decision to cut its benchmark interest rate amid growing coronavirus concerns is bound to have an impact on banks, but just how broad and how deep remains to be seen.

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How regulators maneuvered to oust Tim Sloan at Wells Fargo

The bank said it was Sloan's decision to retire, but a new report from House Democrats reveals that Fed and OCC officials made moves behind the scenes in 2018 and 2019 to pressure the bank's board to remove him.

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Should regulators close the door to new FHLB entrants, or open it wide?

An effort by the Federal Housing Finance Agency to examine membership rules for the Federal Home Loan Bank System is reigniting an argument over whether to allow more nonbanks in or impose tougher barriers.

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