On The Bancorp disclosing an $8.6 million fine for alleged Bank Secrecy Act violations tied to a 2014 consent order from the FDIC:

"Five years to remedy a consent order? No wonder another fine is likely. Don't try the FDIC's patience! "

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Regions Bank
On Regions Financial's change of heart in considering acquisitions after competitors recently struck a deal:

"Don’t do it Regions! You will have to pay a premium, and nobody wants your stock currency in exchange."

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Department of Housing and Urban Development
On HUD promoting a former CFPB official to Ginnie Mae despite his racially charged writings in a blog more than a decade earlier:

"Sheesh, we get it. ... Thought crimes should be codified first if we are demanding that people be prevented from holding down a job."

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.
On presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., calling to tax banks to fund her Medicare plan:

"I don't understand how targeting taxes on the financial sector makes for medical costs safer and more secure. How about targeting the medical community?"

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On First Bank of Berne in Indiana making a rare move for the industry by agreeing to acquire Adams County Credit Union:

"Isn’t it true that the members of Adams County CU can currently avail themselves of the services and products of First Bank of Berne?"

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Payments RTP
On community banks that still hesitate to offer digital services:

"This is a very useful piece. Well done. Great insight from the panelists."

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