Wells Fargo pushes wrongly accused N.J. pastor toward arbitration
Jeff Edwards, Parsippany United Methodist Church
A pastor who was falsely arrested for check fraud because of errors made by Wells Fargo employees may be forced to resolve legal claims against the bank in arbitration. The case renews questions about banks' use of the process.

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JPMorgan's contrarian move: Stockpiling securities
Changes in size of bank securities portfolios from 2Q18-2Q19
The bank started buying more Treasurys and mortgage-backeds over a year ago, long before talk about rate cuts. What did it know that its rivals didn't?

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GSE bailout was really a stickup
The Treasury's takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac left legacy shareholders holding the bag.

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More banks are turning to M&A to acquire talent
Intense competition for executives and top lenders has elevated the role acquisitions play in filling key positions.

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Consumer groups, lenders find common cause against CFPB mortgage provision
CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger
Though advocates and industry are rarely aligned, they are starting to coalesce around a plan that would call for the elimination of the CFPB's 43% debt-to-income limit as part of its qualified mortgage rule.

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Trump administration takes giant step backward on racial equality
Homes for sale
Revamping the doctrine of disparate impact doctrine, as HUD proposes, would gut fair housing enforcement.

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A way for smaller banks to access tech sandboxes big banks play in
Fintech partnership importance survey among community bank executives
Bond Financial Technologies' platform is designed for community and regional banks seeking fintech expertise.

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FedNow service and blockchain closely linked
Crypto technology will play a major role in the central bank's real-time payments system.

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Regulators aren't done rolling back Volcker Rule
FDIC Chair Jelena McWilliams
The agencies handed banks a significant victory when they finalized revisions to the Dodd-Frank proprietary trading ban, but officials also plan to re-propose changes to the "covered funds" section of the rule.

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New front opens in fight over Fed's real-time payments network
FedNow in a nutshell
Community banks and tech companies that are happy the central bank is building a next-generation system are not as pleased with its four- to five-year timeline. But big banks see the slow rollout as an opportunity to expand their own instant payment network.

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