Regions Bank
On Regions Financial embarking on a multiyear process to replace its core deposit system beginning next year:

"Necessary but so challenging. May the odds be ever in your favor, Regions."

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Federal Reserve building
On the Government Accountability Office determining that the Federal Reserve issued three pieces of guidance during the Obama administration that should have been regulations subject to the Congressional Review Act:

"Hopefully this is the tip iceberg. There are more FAQs, bulletins, letters, and interagency guidance out there just waiting for the GAO to say these items are subject to the CRA.”

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On the House passing a bill meant to curb companies from moving jobs overseas by having them report total employees in each U.S. state and foreign country:

"How dare companies take actions to benefit their bottom lines!"

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On an investigation into the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's public complaint database revealing credit bureaus, and notably TransUnion, have resumed questionable disclosure practices:

"Sigh. . . The problem here is the consumer is not the customer; the consumer is the product, and 'products' are meant to be sold."

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On federal regulators casting doubts about whether they can jointly reform the Community Reinvestment Act:

"The Fed is bogged down in inexperienced academic and political nonsense. They are awful banking regulators."

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Doctor's stethoscope
On the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. seeking public comment on the ratings system used to gauge a bank's overall health:

"Kudos to (FDIC) Chairman (Jelena) McWilliams for opening this up for some fresh air and sunshine . . . this is an area badly in need of review and repair."

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