Anticipating recession, banks start scrubbing loan books
Table listing credit segments to concern to a half dozen banks
It's hard to time the next economic slowdown. But lenders, many with lingering memories of the financial crisis, are taking steps now to limit exposure in commercial real estate, construction and other loan segments.

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Lenders dread prospect of Fannie, Freddie losing CFPB exemption
CFPB headquarters
Many in the industry say releasing GSE-backed loans from stringent underwriting rules has helped the housing market recover, but a new level of regulatory burden could reverse those gains.

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Fed plans to launch real-time payment service by 2024
AB-080519-FAST (1).png
As part of its justification for developing its own government-backed system, the central bank said that leaving only a single fast network run by big banks constitutes a potential risk to the economy.

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KeyBank rolls out no-fee overdraft, debit-linked savings accounts
The new products, along a 2% cash-back credit card, are aimed at helping customers build savings and reduce debt.

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How Trump’s political appointees thwarted tougher settlements with two big banks
After talks with well-connected lawyers for Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland, senior Justice Department officials in Washington last year overruled career prosecutors who had been investigating wrongdoing that cost investors billions.

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Revenue-strapped lenders take another look at unbanked customers
With margins under pressure and competition intensifying, a number of community banks are zeroing in on underserved markets.

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Walmart crypto coin patent could be a back door to banking
Walmart store
Walmart has filed a patent application for a digital currency that, like Facebook's Libra, would be a stablecoin backed by traditional currencies. And it envisions a very specific use case where its coin could stand in for cash — or even for a bank account.

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Fifth Third is latest bank to raise its minimum wage
Signage is displayed outside a Fifth Third Bank branch in Louisville, Kentucky.
The Cincinnati regional bank says it will spend an extra $15 million a year to offer more competitive pay that it hopes will attract talented front-line employees.

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2020 race pulls Elizabeth Warren away from Senate Banking Committee
Sen. Elizabeth Warren
The panel has had 13 public meetings since the Massachusetts senator's last appearance, in May.

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LendingClub eyes 3Q profit, looks to reopen credit spigot
The San Francisco company forecast a modest profit in the third quarter because its cost-cutting plans are ahead of schedule. It's also starting a program to sell riskier loans to sophisticated investors.

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