Cash-out refis dry up as price hikes prove too costly
Mortgage lenders have imposed steep pricing adjustments for cash-out refinancing as more borrowers seek forbearance.

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Bankers fear massive borrower fraud in PPP
Up to 12% of loans under the $660 billion small-business rescue program could be tied to misleading or completely phony applications, fueling concerns about lenders' potential liability.

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Latest worry for PPP lenders: Liability for loans they didn't make
Bankers are bracing for accusations of discrimination in the way Paycheck Protection Program loans were allocated.

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Wells Fargo's CRA rating improves to 'outstanding'
Banking regulators restored the scandal-plagued bank's score three years after assigning it the lowest possible rating under the Community Reinvestment Act.

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PPP is a compliance minefield for banks
Regulators need to give more detailed guidance on the coronavirus relief program for small businesses so lenders don't get trapped in underwriting mistakes down the road.

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Is the coronavirus giving banks an excuse to spy on employees?
Financial institutions have been monitoring workers' productivity at home with tracking software and webcams. Now they're mulling whether to mandate contact-tracing apps, COVID-19 testing and other practices that could raise further privacy issues.

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Parting words from Beth Mooney: 'Rebuild trust through your actions'
In an exit interview with American Banker, the former KeyCorp CEO reflected on a trailblazing career, shared her thoughts on leadership and described what it's like to retire in the middle of a pandemic.

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Coronavirus prompts renewed calls for postal banking, faster payments
Millions of Americans have yet to receive their stimulus checks, leading progressives to demand reforms improving underbanked consumers' access to the financial system.

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How the coronavirus pandemic has upended banks' marketing
Many banks are slashing their spending. Others are changing their messaging strategies. And those banks that partner with pro sports teams are stuck in limbo, since it remains unclear when games will resume.

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Will coronavirus hasten arrival of fully remote bank exams?
Federal regulators are now conducting nearly all supervision off-site as a result of the pandemic. The temporary measures are stoking a debate about whether they should be permanent.

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